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The spirit of Lamu

Spirit of LamuSpirit of Lamu

ornamentLamu Island, off Africa’s eastern coast, has kept an unspoilt Swahili culture for centuries, that inspires dreams of our past. To rent a holiday home here means more than just a great travel experience, it’s a magical place with its own unique sense of unbeatable serenity.

This exclusive tropical island is a relict of the past, situated on the brims of Kenya’s idyllic Indian Ocean: no cars but dhows bobbing slowly in the sunset, donkeys passing by, endless pristine beaches, constantly warm with 10 hours of sunshine a day, tempered by the cooling trade winds, a sea shimmering in the afternoon haze.

Lamu Town, where echoes of a distant past are heard louder than anywhere else, has been declared a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. A stay in Lamu may  turn out a holiday that brings you into close and personal contact with Africa and will let you experience the unparalleled feeling of the island. It’s certainly addictive.

Shela Houses and Accommodations

Located at the edge of the picturesque fishermen village of Shela, only a few footsteps away from the famous Peponi Hotel and the white sands of the Shela beaches, our rental homes The Kasbah, Jaha House and Bembea House are hideaways of elegance, where traditional Swahili architecture mixes with contemporary design in this place of living history. Our rental houses, not too large, are recommended for 2 to 10 guests and are serviced by committed staff, willing to comply with your need for a great holiday experience

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